July Club Tasting

This Monday July 6th at 8pm we will be hosting our monthly virtual BJCP beer tasting! The idea is to have us all taste roughly the same beer and talk about it. This month’s beer is Little Brother Jim’s Lunch Stout. Anyone interested please get a Crowler of the Stout and save it for the 6th. On the Monday about 15-30 minutes before 8, review the BJCP style guidelines (20B), open the beer, and fill out a BJCP Scoresheet. You do not need to be perfect but try to write down your thought a impressions of the beer. We will do our best to have a National or higher Judge at our tasting but if not, we have a ton of great tasters in our group.  This will be a virtual meeting and an invite will be sent out the day of the event. Please reach out to President@battlegroundbrewersguild.com if you have any questions.


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