September Tasting and Meeting

Sorry for the late add everyone, but we do have a tasting and meeting coming up!

Our September virtual tasting will be this Monday the 14th of September at 8pm. The beer will be the new Oktoberfest beer from our friends at Southend Brewing, released this Friday. We will judge it to the 4B Festbier BJCP Category. As always please try to taste the beer beforehand and fill out a BJCP Scoresheet. You don’t need to be perfect just share your impressions of the beer. We hope everyone can join us to taste this beer.

Our Virtual September meeting will be Monday the 21st of September at 8pm. We currently do not have a topic if you have any suggestions or have a topic please reach out to Jim McNulty or another Board Member.

As always, invites will be sent out the day of and if you are not getting the invites or newsletters email Jim at president @ battlegroundbrewers . com.

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