August Meeting and Board Elections and Oktoberfest, oh my!

We will once again be meeting in person hosted by our friends at Southend Brewing. The meeting is this Monday, August 16th, and will start around 7:30 pm. This will be a rather important meeting we will be electing a new board and discussing the details of Oktoberfest. Would you please do your best to attend? As a reminder, since Southend will be open to the public, homebrew will not be allowed. If you have any questions regarding Board membership, please reach out to Jim.


We are still working out the detail of Oktoberfest. We are still planning to have the event; we want to ensure it can be done safely. As discussed in the last meet, it will be a smaller event limited to current members and families. Please follow the PayPal link below to pay the prorated dues of $5. This will count you as an existing member. 

PayPal Link

The North Carolina Homebrew Invitational

This year the BBG will be participating in the North Carolina Homebrew Invitational. It is a homebrew festival hosted to be the Carbrew Club. It seems like fun; please see the like below for more details.


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