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    Chris Bristol

    It’s time for BBG’s annual Asheville Invasion!  Members and their friends/families are invited to join us as we descend upon an unsuspecting downtown Asheville to spend the weekend of April 7-9 enjoying the wonderful beers, breweries, and bars that Asheville has to offer.

    Most of us book rooms at the Downtown Inn since it has the best rates downtown, is within walking distance of most of our destinations, and is clean. We’ll arrive throughout the day Friday, and meet up as people get into town. Initial planning will be done via email, so please post here know if you are planning to attend. After the trip begins, we’ll switch over to group text messages to keep everybody up to date as we move around town.

    Rough Itinerary
    Friday – We’ll all meetup as everybody will roll into town throughout the day. If you get into town early enough it’s a great idea to meet at one of the out-of-town breweries, i.e. Pisgah or Highlands on the way in. There is no organized dinner, but some folks will group up and grab a bite.

    For Saturday, we’ve setup a can’t-miss tour of New Belgium’s new downtown Asheville facility. The tour will begin at noon and will include samples throughout! The tours in Fort Collins are excellent, and I expect Asheville will want to do just as well, so you won’t want to miss this event!

    After touring New Belgium, we’ll migrate around downtown hitting up places like Asheville Brewing, The Wedge, Green Man, Burial, Highwire, Twin Leaf, Catawba, and as a matter of tradition, we’ll close out the night at Thirsty Monk.


    I’m getting back from an overseas business trip right before you guys head out. If I’m not a total wreck, I may drive up Saturday morning and try to find somebody to crash with last minute. Don’t wait up for me though! Have fun.


    I’ve never really participated in any group events before, but my wife and I will joining the Asheville Invasion. Already booked my hotel. I remember considering last year’s event and the recommended hotel filled up 2-3 weeks out.

    Chris Bristol

    It looks like we’ve got a pretty good group going. Here is the current roster:

    Chris & Beth
    Ryland & Brandi
    Don & Paula
    Mark & Deb
    Geoff & Wife
    Paul & Vishali
    William & Miranda

    Post here if you want to join!


    Walt will be there. I believe Tim and Reacie are also going. In an emergency, Derick can stay with me.


    We’re on the list but to make it official, Paula and I are Invading too. We are staying at the DT Inn.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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